The Oregon Grows Partnership

Welcome to the website of the Oregon Grows Partnership. Our collective membership represents well over a quarter of a million Oregonians who are farmers, small business owners, rural residents and shoppers who buy directly from their farm or shop at farmers markets.

As a partnership of Oregon farm, rural development, local food and food security organizations we have joined together around our belief that:

  • All Oregonians, regardless of economics or geographic location deserve access to food produced by regional family farmers.
  • Agriculture is the cornerstone of our economy and therefore, we believe in supporting Oregon family farmers and ranchers to ensure their economic viability and longevity in our state.
  • Production practices that enhance the ecological integrity of our land, air and water should be prioritized.
  • Farmers and communities have reciprocal responsibilities to form relationships that support one another.
  • Regional food system infrastructure that improves farmers’ access to local and regional production processing, distribution, transportation and markets must be sustained and regenerated.
  • It is our responsibility to bring forth the political will to actualize these principles.
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