Over the last year a variety of organizations working on sustainable agriculture, food security and rural economic development issues have been meeting to explore forming a coalition in order to be a part of the food politics dialogue beginning in the 2011 session of the Oregon Legislature. In May of this year the following organizations met and formally organized Oregon Grows – A partnership for food and farms:

  • Willamette Food and Farm Coalition
  • Oregon Rural Action
  • Thrive
  • Friends of Family Farmers
  • Oregon Hunger Task Force
  • Gorge Grown
  • Portland Area Community Supported Agriculture Coalition
  • Oregon Farmers Market Association

Oregon Grows is an alliance of organizations that will advance common positions to support Oregon family farmers, promote healthy rural communities and ensure safe and nutritious food for all Oregonians. This coalition seeks to fill the absence of a coordinated voice for family farmers and sustainable agriculture in Salem. For too long legislators have been presented with a one-sided view of what is good for Oregon’s farms and rural communities. Through a consistent and regular presence in Salem we aim to position ourselves as the “go to” voice for food policy in Oregon. Furthermore, by organizing this coalition we hope to foster increased collaboration and coordination among food and farm organizations
across the state.

We believe that we stand at a watershed moment in the food politics of our state. Awareness and interest in where our food comes from, how it is produced and how it impacts our local economies is at an all time high. The time is right to take the next step and intentionally coordinate allied individuals and organizations to effect change in food politics. Through this work we can begin to level the playing field for Oregon’s family farmers and in so doing foster healthy rural economies and ensure all Oregonians
enjoy safe and nutritious food.

Thank you and do not hesitate to contact us with any questions. We hope that you will join us for this exciting journey.

The Oregon Grows Partnership